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Barnstable Farm & Pet is a full service feed and supply store for your animals. We carry everything you’ll need for your horses, dogs, cats, goats, chickens, small animals, and wild birds as well as live feed for your reptiles . The Cape Cod Tack Shop inside Barnstable Farm & pet offers a selection of tack, supplies and apparel for the Cape’s horse community. We also do deliveries with hay/grain/shavings, etc.. to farms throughout Cape Cod and the South Shore.” 

Hot Off the Press!

2nd cut Canadian is in!

We have beautiful grassy 2nd cut Canadian from this year available! We have one load that is a timothy grass mixture and the other is an alfalfa/timothy mixture. Each bales weights 40-45lbs and pricing for pick up is $9.75 for pick up and $9.99 for delivery. We do offer bulk deals with hay deliveries as well! Please call the store with any delivery questions!

Paper Bagged Shavings available!

We have good quality paper bagged shavings available now. The price is $5.85 for pick up and $6.10 for delivery! We also still have available both choices of Top Bedding!

Dublin Boots are 25% off!

Dublin Harrow, Ria & Turn Down boots are on sale at 25% off while supplies last!

On Sale!

Chick Arrival!

February 27th

Red Star


Columbian Wyandottes



March 13th

Buff Orpingtons

Speckled Sussex


Black Australop

April 17th

Golden Wyandotte

Cuckoo Marans



May 1st

Barred Rock


New Hampshire Red

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Blue Andalusions

May 22nd


Cuckoo Maran


June 12th

Buff Laced Polish

White Polish

Salmon Faverolles


All Breeches & Show Coat are 25% off!

We have a wide selection of show coats and breeches to choose from with brands such as Tuff Rider, Dublin, Horze, Saxon, & many more. Come Stock up while this good deal lasts!

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