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Barnstable Farm & Pet is a full service feed and supply store for your animals. We carry everything you’ll need for your horses, dogs, cats, goats, chickens, small animals, and wild birds as well as live feed for your reptiles . The Cape Cod Tack Shop inside Barnstable Farm & pet offers a selection of tack, supplies and apparel for the Cape’s horse community. We also do deliveries with hay/grain/shavings, etc.. to farms throughout Cape Cod and the South Shore.” 

Hot Off the Press!

Baby Chicks of 2019

July 11th

White Polish


Columbian Wyandotte

Cuckoo Maran

Shavings available!

We have good quality plastic Top Bedding and Hancock shavings available now. The price is $6.25 for pick up and $6.50 for delivery and don’t forget every 1st weekend of the month, they are on sale for $5.50 each (pick up only)!

On Sale!

Fussie Cat & Zignature Dog Food!

Zignature is made of well sourced proteins and low glycemic carbs making it a healthy meal for your companion! We have the Fussie Cat cans with Menus including Tuna, Chicken, Fish, etc and Zignature Flavors are Lamb, Fish, Turkey, Duck & Kangaroo!

Cape Equestrian Clothing is here!

We have the newest selection of Cape Equestrian clothing including T-Shirts, Sun Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and more!! Whether your an avid equestrian or just looking for comfortable clothing, Cape Equestrian is for you!

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