Merrick Dog & Cat Food

We now carry a good selection of Merrick Dry & Wet Dog foods as well as cat food. If your looking to feed your dog a quality food but at a great price check out Merrick!

Proforce Line of Horse Feed

We’re excited to announce Proforce has added two more feeds to the Northeast’s line up. Proforce Fuel which has been fantastic in keeping performance horses at an ideal weight, while keeping them fueled and ready to work, has been a top favorite feed. We now Introduced Proforce Fiber, a  high fiber, high fat feed intended for horses with metabolic issues needing support while in work. It’s also a great feed looking to put weight on harder keepers. We also have Proforce Senior used for Seniors still in work that need extra support. The last in the line, Proforce XTN is the only textured feed that’s intend as high calorie feed for horses All of these feeds are formulated with Topline Balance intending to keep your horses topline at it’s peak utilizing the key nutrients in all these feeds. If your interested in switching you horse to one of these feeds, come in ask us what would be best for your equine!

Crickets, Live & Frozen Mice!

Crickets, Frozen Mice and Live mice are available! Crickets are .99 cents per dozen and mice & rats vary depending on size.

Bird Seed!

Keep the Birds Chirping with our bird feed & suet Selection!

We have 20+ Suet varieties, bird feeders, more than 15 different bird seeds to choose from. Come down and pick a few out for  your feather friends!