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Baby Chicks of 2019

April 18th Amerucana New Hampshire Reds Buff Laced Polish Blue Cochins May 9th Amerucana Golden Wyandotte Buff Orpington May 30th – Ducks  Cayuga Khaki Campbell Welsh Harlequin May 30th Black Australop Cuckoo Maran Golden Polish White Orpington June 13th – Ducks Buff Blue Swedish Rouen June 18th – Turkeys White Turkey Bronze Breasted June 20th […]

Proelite Horse Grain

Proelite Horse Grain is new to the Northeast Market! Proelite offers 6 varieties of feed to meet the nutritional needs of all life stages targeting correct weight, muscle and top line while promoting maximized digestibility. Proelite is also a low starch/sugar feed helping horses with metabolic needs. Proelite is offered formulas such as: Senior – […]

Fussie Cat & Zignature Dog Food!

Zignature is made of well sourced proteins and low glycemic carbs making it a healthy meal for your companion! We have the Fussie Cat cans with Menus including Tuna, Chicken, Fish, etc and Zignature Flavors are Lamb, Fish, Turkey, Duck & Kangaroo!

Shavings available!

We have good quality plastic & paper bagged shavings available now. The price is $5.99 for pick up and $6.25 for delivery and don’t forget every 1st weekend of the month, they are on sale for $5.25 each (pick up only)!