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Baby Chicks of 2019

February 7th Black Star Buff Orpington Pearl-White Leghorn February 28th Light Brahmas Dominiques Buff Orpington Welsummer March 14th Amerucana Blue Andalusions Black Giants Delaware April 4th Salmon Favorelles Rhode Island Red Amerucana Silver Laced Wyandotte April 18th Amerucana New Hampshire Reds Buff Laced Polish Blue Cochins April 25th – Ducks  Cayuga White Crested Blue Swedish […]

Proelite Horse Grain

Proelite Horse Grain is new to the Northeast Market! Proelite offers 6 varieties of feed to meet the nutritional needs of all life stages targeting correct weight, muscle and top line while promoting maximized digestibility. Proelite is also a low starch/sugar feed helping horses with metabolic needs. Proelite is offered formulas such as: Senior – […]

Fussie Cat & Zignature Dog Food!

Zignature is made of well sourced proteins and low glycemic carbs making it a healthy meal for your companion! We have the Fussie Cat cans with Menus including Tuna, Chicken, Fish, etc and Zignature Flavors are Lamb, Fish, Turkey, Duck & Kangaroo!

Shavings available!

We have good quality plastic & paper bagged shavings available now. The price is $5.99 for pick up and $6.25 for delivery and don’t forget every 1st weekend of the month, they are on sale for $5.25 each (pick up only)!