COVID-19 Guidelines

**CURBSIDE SERVICE UPDATE!**Through the summer months, we have continued offering Curbside Pick-Up for our elderly and immune compromised customers. As Massachusetts addresses some rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in our state, we understand some of our patrons may feel less inclined to shop inside. As such, we now REQUIRE that 1- If you opt for Curbside Pick-Up services, your order MUST be called in minimally ONE FULL HOUR PRIOR TO A SCHEDULED PICK UP TIME. ALLOW LONGER FOR LARGE GRAIN AND HAY ORDERS! ALL CALL-IN ORDERS MUST BE PAID AT THE TIME OF ORDERING WITH A CREDIT CARD! 2- That if you are ABLE to shop inside with a face covering, that you continue to do so. We are a small staff and attempting to operate both forms of services is next to impossible on busier days.